Website © Lisa Selner "Buffalo Annie"
Lisa Anne Marie Selner nicknamed “Buffalo Annie” has been working in the field
of Wildlife Conservation since her college years. Having gained field experiences
with federal and state agencies, tribal programs, and private entities in the
American West and along the eastern coast, including her home state of
Connecticut, Lisa has embarked on many adventures with buffalo, black bears,
black-footed ferrets (an endangered species of the prairie), coyotes, elk, fox,
mountain lions, wild horses, and so forth. Her journeys have brought her to remote
and rugged areas of the marshlands, mountains, prairies and woodlands, and have
provided experiences filled with culture, history & outdoor adventure!

The nickname “Buffalo Annie” derived while working as a wildlife field biologist for
a Lakota Sioux tribe in South Dakota. Lisa assisted with numerous tribal buffalo
roundups on the Reservation. Buffalo Annie transpired when the roundup crew
came up with a creative combination of Annie Oakley’s shooting abilities and
Lisa's interest in buffalo.

Lisa continues with her passions in the wildlife field and looks forward to future
career goals and travels.